Your needs, your goals, your life and your style. With just a quick free 15 minute introductory style call, Inanna and her team can assess your situation and design a style program that fits best for you. You’ll even get some quick style tips and easy challenges to get your creative juices flowing. 


Have a closet full of clothes but sick of the same looks? Let's go through your closet! Perfect service for initial consultation, where we refresh your style by creating new outfits from your existing wardrobe, discuss your needs and any concerns you may have, and which pieces to keep, lose, alter, or burn forever.  

RATE: $150/Hour 

Well Organized Closet


Inanna and her team of Stylists know how to find the best wardrobe basics, and trendsetting pieces, update your style for the new season, for work or play, or find that stunning dress for your next event. Shop smart with a Style Concierge Stylist and purchase pieces you will actually wear.

RATE: $150/Hour 



Clothes dont make the man, but they can make the man look great. Let a trained eye come to you and refresh your style, whether its finding the perfectly tailored suit, or the best pair of jeans for your body type.

RATE: $150/Hour 

Hanging Suit
Virtual Shopping


Need styling help from afar? Whether you're looking for an outfit for a specific event or a general refresh, Inanna and her team at Style Concierge can virtually style you and help you shop for new looks. Our stylists can put together a virtual shopping cart based on your styling needs.

Contact for further details.

RATE: $75/Hour 



Engaged!? You probably have enough on your plate! Let Inanna and her team give you peace of mind with our all inclusive bride package, from engagement photos to rehearsal dinner to your outfit change on your big day!

Contact us for a complimentary consultation.

RATE: Varies 

Wedding Dress on Headless Mannequin